Some ways to Sell your 360 photos

Not sure how you can monetize your love of 360 photography? Here are some examples of how other photographers are making money on My 360 Shop.

Travel and Adventure photography
Historical and Drone photography
Event photography
Tourist photography
Business photography

Travel and Adventure photography

Ash Blagdon is an avid traveller and 360 camera aficionado. With a Samsung Gear 360, Ricoh Theta and Xiaomi Mi Sphere, he has documented places and experiences as diverse as golden Thai temples, mud bathing with elephants and boarding a US naval ship.

He invites you to live out some of his adventures through his 360° photos which you will find in his public galleries on My 360 Shop. Here, you can view and purchase these photos for use on your own website.

His galleries also contain artistically composed tiny planets alongside the 360 photos. Purchase these to make a canvas or print for your wall. Or be inspired to create your own tiny planet on our site, once you’ve bought the 360 photos.

One of Ash Blagdon's artistically composed tiny planets

Historical and Drone photography

Udo Tirolf has been a 360° photographer for a number of years and a traditional photographer for even longer. He specializes in historical German buildings such as Castle Hambuch and the Speyer Cathedral which he has captured with his Canon DSLR and panohead or Samsung Gear 360. You can view and purchase his traditional photos alongside his 360 photos in his gallery of the town Speyer.

Udo is also a drone pilot who captures the magnificent German countryside. My 360 Shop supports panoramic photos over 100 megapixels in size, so you will really feel the grandeur of the countryside when you view or buy his aerial 360 photos for your project.

Event photography

When not photographing buildings and landscapes, Udo enjoys capturing history in the making, like at this recent NASCAR event. Be surrounded in 360 by cheerleaders, fast cars and Star Wars. It doesn't get much better than that!

Be surrounded in 360 by cheerleaders, fast cars and Star Wars

If you’re into costumes and cosplay, we’ll probably see you at a nearby Comic-Con. Equipped with the My 360 Shop Tiny Planet maker and their new Insta360 Pro2, Infocus360 set up Tiny Planet Booths at Comic-Cons in Gloucester and Bristol. Geeks love comics and tech, so 360 photos and tiny planets are a real winner with the Comic-Con crowd. Infocus360 created their own My 360 Shop promo codes and gift vouchers to add extra value to the photos. They charged £10 per photo, but offered a 20% discount code to get the customers to buy in the crucial first 48 hours from the event.

You can create your own promo codes or gift vouchers on My 360 Shop in order to creating a sense of urgency which will see you making more sales and sooner.

It’s your 360 shop, so you get to decide how to price the photos and who to charge. Another approach is to charge the business or brand that is holding the event (e.g., $200-$1,000 depending on the number of hours and your location). You then create gift vouchers in bulk through your My 360 Shop dashboard and give them out to every customer. The customer effectively gets the photos for free, but they’re worth £10 or $15 etc. So they realise that they’re getting something valuable and worth sharing. The business benefits from customers sharing this unique content, so it could be the best marketing spend they’ve ever made.

Tourist photography

Selling photos to tourists is exactly what we had in mind when we created My 360 Shop. But we didn't imagine that it would be used in such a creative way. Like a dinosaur doing 360s on a bike?!

Las Vegas Dino Tours use the magic of 360° photos to capture you and your friends having a ball with the lights of Vegas all around. Oh, and of course the dinosaur that’s taking you for a ride.

Taking a 360 on pedicab ride with a dinosaur

When selling directly to a customer you have met face-to-face, each customer’s photos are delivered in a private gallery. My 360 Shop takes care of everything from emailing the preview link and taking payment, to unlocking the gallery and its additional features (like embedding, downloading and making tiny planets).

DigitalEyes take 360 photos for tourists at famous landmarks like the Sydney Opera House. They use the Xiaomi Mi Sphere for its speed and image quality. This allows them to take a number of photo spheres in a couple of minutes.

Charging just $10 per photo, they manage to make about $80 an hour. Some customers even buy several different shots, like this romantic couple:

John and Kendra have kindly allowed us to share this iconic photo of them. They bought two other 360° photos of themselves.

Here are some other tourist photos that were taken that hour:

Sydney Opera House Tourist 360 photos sold on My 360 Shop

Business photography

Many of My 360 Shop’s members are Google Street View Trusted Photographers. Probably the hardest part of the job is selling the idea of a virtual tour. My 360 Shop now allows virtual tour photographers to sell just one photo. Our members have used My 360 Shop to get paid for a single photo when a virtual tour had not been confirmed. This photo would once have been given away as a free sample:

A 360 photo sold to a business through My 360 Shop

Now the photographer charges $50 for such photos. The customer previews and pays to download the photo, all on our site. Whether they pay on credit card or PayPal, the money goes straight into the photographer’s PayPal account. And by not giving away the sample photo, they also add value to their virtual tour later.

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