About us

We’re a bunch of passionate 360° photographers just like you. We created this site because we noticed that other 360 shooters were sharing all this amazing content, without an easy way of getting paid for them.

Light painting of dollar sign on a beach at dawn

We also built My 360 Shop for ourselves, because we wanted a better way to sell our 360 photos to our customers. With the existing method, we would upload the photos to a sharing site and send the URL to the customer. Then, if they were happy with it, they would pay us and... we would have to wait for the payment to be cleared. If they didn’t pay up, we would then have to remove the photos from the sharing site.

You’ve probably been through all of that, so you know how much of a hassle it can be. My 360 Shop automates all of that, and you get paid as soon as they put their payment through. The payment is handled by PayPal, so they’ll feel secure. They don’t even need a PayPal account, as they can also pay by credit card.

We’ve also made it easy for you to create special offers for your customers. You can create your own gift vouchers and promo codes to entice your customers to buy sooner and more frequently.

Importantly, we wanted our customers to be able to make the most of these 360 photos once they’d bought them. There’s so much you can do with 360° photos, like creating tiny planets or embedding them in websites. But you need to have the right software or spend time to write the code to display 360 photos on a website.

With My 360 Shop, these tools are built into the photo galleries, so that your customers can do it all themselves in just a couple of clicks.

Tools and Features

My 360 Shop is packed with features that add value to your photos. Your customers will be able to:

The tools are so easy to use, that you won’t need to do it for your customers. This will save you lots of time to do what you do best: take great 360° photos.

Downloading the photos

To download the photo, your customer just has to click the download button in the 360 viewer. The file will then be saved on their computer, phone or tablet (on iOS, the image will open in a new tab and then they can save it to their iPhone or iPad).

Posting individual photos on social media

Once they’ve downloaded a 360° photo, they can use it as their 360 cover image on Facebook. They can also share it in a post so that their friends can see it in Facebook’s own 360 viewer (so please make sure that the 360 metadata is intact). Research has shown that 360 photos increase engagement on a page by as much as 10 times!

A 360 photo from My 360 Shop, posted on Facebook

Sharing the gallery

Customers can share the entire photo gallery by copying the URL of that page and pasting it into an email or social media post. We have optimized every gallery page and image for sharing on social media, so that instead of just seeing a generic image, a small version of the first photo in a gallery will be shown in the post.

Embedding photos in a website

It takes time to develop code so that 360 photos can be displayed in other websites or blogs. With My 360 Shop, customers just click a couple of buttons and the code appears. They can then paste this code into their website or WordPress blog to create a unique banner or an exciting post. The code is also responsive (mobile-friendly), which means that it will look great on virtually any device.

An auto-rotating 360 degree banner on a website

Creating tiny planets

As a 360 photographer, you know that people love to see a ‘little planet’ or ‘tiny planet’ in social media. You probably have at least one app that makes tiny planets from your 360 photos. And you know that you can play around to create different compositions with just the one photo.

A customer making a tiny planet on our site

But what if your customers could do it themselves? Think how much fun they’d have playing around with little planets and rabbit holes (inverse tiny planets). With My 360 Shop, they can create their ideal tiny planet from any of your photos. The tool allows them to download the tiny planet so that they can share it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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