Working preview of 360 photos

Presentation and Delivery

How do you present a working preview of a 360° photo before it’s been paid for? There are 2 easy ways to sell 360 photos on My 360 Shop.

 (1) Online to buyers around the world with a Public gallery, or
 (2) Direct to a customer’s email address with a Private gallery.

Either way, your customers will be so excited, that they can’t wait to pay to unlock the extra features.

Read about the difference between Public and Private galleries or see some examples of how other photographers are making money.


Working preview of 360 photos

Payment for 360 photos

You 360 photos will be sold in over 200 countries/regions around the world. You have the choice of setting the price in any of 25 currencies. And the net payment goes into your PayPal account immediately.

PayPal provides the gateway, so customers feel safe paying by credit card or PayPal. This means more trust for you. And more trust equals more sales.


Integration of 360 photos

The true value of 360 photos is when people can interact with them on different platforms.

My 360 Shop provides simple, yet powerful tools that allow your customers to use your 360 photos on their platforms of choice.

They can integrate your 360 photos into their online social and business presence with just a few click, so you won’t need to do it for them.

We've made it so easy for your customers to:
create 360 degree Facebook cover photos and posts...
make their own tiny planets, which they can post to Instagram or Twitter...
embed auto-rotating photo spheres on their own websites...


“This is an excellent platform for 360° photographers and the guys behind it are super helpful and open to suggestions to make the whole process easier for us. I totally recommend my360shop and look forward to seeing the platform evolve in the future. Keep up the great work.”

Marc Edden
Marc Edden, Infocus360, UK

“I recommend my360shop platform to all Google trusted photographers. No need to make personal sale (E-commerce) website! Photographer can use My 360 shop and create a personal web and showcase their work and get leads.”

Alpesh Potter
Alpesh Potter, Soham360, India

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