What's the difference between a Public and a Private Gallery?

There are 2 easy ways to sell 360 photos on My 360 Shop.

1. Private gallery

The first way is to create a private gallery, using the Create Private gallery option. This allows you to sell your 360 photos directly to a customer via their email address. You create a private gallery when you already have a customer who has agreed to buy one or more photos from you.

When you create a private gallery and add your 360° photo(s) to it, the link to the gallery preview is delivered from My 360 Shop, straight to the inbox of your customer. They will then be able to interact with it once by looking around the 360 photos and viewing them in fullscreen if they want to.

Have a look at this demo gallery to show you what a private gallery would look and feel like. The payment feature has been disabled, as it is just a demo, but the other functionality is the same as a real one. Once the customer pays for the gallery, they will then be able to:

  • download the 360 photos
  • make tiny planets with them
  • embed the 360 photo in its own viewer on their website or blog

Here's an example of a private gallery that has been paid for. Feel free to download the photo or try out the tiny planet and embedding features.

If they don't pay, the preview will expire and the gallery will display static images of the 360 photos.

With a Private gallery, the email that your customer receives will be customized with your signature and social media links (which you set in your user profile). The reply-to address will also be your email address, so when they respond to the email, it will come straight to you.

2. Public gallery

The second way to sell your 360 photos on My 360 Shop is to create a public gallery or event using the Create Public gallery option. This lets you put your photos into an open gallery or exhibition which will be visible online to buyers around the world. Use a public gallery to present a lot of photos to a wide audience, like at a wedding, a party or other such event.

The event doesn't have to be a live one where you are meeting potential customers, though. The public gallery can be used to create an online exhibition that is always open to your potential buyers.

With a public gallery, you get a short URL to share with your potential buyers. As you add more photos to the gallery, they are viewable at this URL straight away, so a pulic gallery is perfect for live events. You get to choose whether these previews are in high-res or low-res. The public gallery also supports traditional non-360° photos. On the Pro plan, you can choose whether to display a watermark over these photos or not.  You can even choose your own custom watermark. The public gallery doesn't expire (unless you decide to end it by hiding the gallery).

The customer gets to browse the gallery and look around the 360° photos. They can add as many of these photos as they like to the shopping cart. They can then check out and pay for their selection. This will then create a new link to a Private gallery that is fully paid for. This means that they will then be able to download, embed or make tiny planets with the photos they have bought.

Here are a few public galleries: