Let your customers create their own Tiny Planet

As 360 photography enthusiasts, we love to make tiny planets. My 360 Shop gives that fun to your customers. When you sell them a 360 photo through My 360 Shop, they can turn it into their ideal tiny planet.

The wonderful thing about tiny planets is that they can be done in so many ways, even with just one photo. Take this gorgeous Venice sunset for instance. It can go from little planet to rabbit hole (inverse tiny planet). And by pinching and zooming, you can focus on the sunset or draw the paving stones to the centre of attention.

3 different Tiny Planets from the one 360 photo
Tiny Planet 3 ways

What's great about selling a 360 photo on My 360 Shop is that you’re granting your customer the license to remix your work. They then feel like a collaborative artist and can take pride in the tiny planet they have created. And if they can do that themselves, your photos are worth so much more to them.

The beauty is that you maintain copyright of any derivative works as per our Terms and Conditions.

Start making money from your 360 photos and sell the Tiny Planet-making experience today.