SEO and SMO - Do you optimize for search engines and social media?

Yes, your profile, photos and galleries are all optimized. Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization are all part of what My 360 Shop does for your amazing content. So make the most of our carefully thought out design, and add your winning tagline, blurb and 360 photos!

We’ve put a lot of love into the creation of My 360 Shop. We’ve put thought into everything, right down to the very small details of how and where your personal tagline, blurb and signature appear. After all, our business is all about making you look great. So if you don't look great, we don't look great.

We’ve found that if the thumbnail is a certain size, it will show as a full width image, in Facebook on mobile, but the blurb won’t be displayed. So we’ve set your gallery and profile thumbnails to a size where it shows on the left and your all-important blurb is still shown. See, told you we’ve put a lot of thought in.

We’ve also made sure that “360° photo” and “360° photos” appear on the page for SEO benefit. Useful and related fact: Did you know that Google recently merged the results for “360 photo” and “360° photos”? This means that if you have a website, it doesn’t matter which one you use now.