Girl on iPad turning a 360 photo into a tiny planet

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Now that you’ve purchased a 360 photo gallery, it’s time to discover its full potential. Here are some of the ways that you can use your 360° photos.

Win prizes by sharing your photos

Just tag us with #my360shop and you could go in the draw to win $100 cash every month! Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts all count. Read the full terms and conditions on our prizes page.

Or read on to learn how to create awesome ‘tiny planets’ which can be used to win the $100.

Create tiny planets

Every 360 photo purchased on My 360 Shop can be turned into a ‘little planet’ or ‘tiny planet’. Just click the Tiny Planet icon: Tiny Planet button

This will then take you to the Tiny Planet maker where you can pinch and zoom on a touch device, or scroll zoom with a mouse, then drag around to create your ideal Tiny Planet/Little Planet or Rabbit Hole (inverse tiny planet). Tiny planets are a really popular trend on Instagram, but you can also share them on Facebook, Twitter or by email.


Embed them in your website or blog

Just click the button that looks like < > to bring up a modal that will create the HTML code you need to put your 360 photo in its own player on your website or blog. You can use it as an auto-rotating 360 banner to grab the attention of your customers, or add it in the body of a post. Either way, the embedding tool will make sure that the embed is responsive and mobile-friendly. You can even add a subtle drop-shadow so that the 360 image stands out even more.

Use it as your 360° Facebook cover photo

After you download the 360 photo, you can upload it to Facebook to use as your cover photo. The 360 image will appear in Facebook's 360° viewer and your friends or customers can drag around to see you in 360! The photo can also be used in Facebook posts. These posts that have 360° photos get up to 10 times the engagement and reach of ordinary photos!

A 360 Facebook profile cover photo
Courtesy of Infocus360